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These rules were established for the well being of ALL campers so that you may enjoy a safe and fun filled experience during your stay at ADA Camp Carefree.

Respect everyone in Camp, and cooperate with your fellow campers and staff.

Use the Buddy System.  Never go anywhere without a buddy and/or a counselor.

Make sure a counselor always knows where you are.

Only go into your cabin when a staff member is present.

Be on time for all camp activities.  Your schedule should be followed unless changed by the Program Director.

Do not go into the Kitchen or the Camp Offices area unless you have permission.

Do not go on the beach, dock, or near the water unless a counselor is with you.

Always wear shoes, preferably sneakers, and socks.  No jelly shoes.

Knock before entering the Health Center.

ALL Electronic equipment (including hair dryers, hand held video games, radios, and CD players) will be taken by the counselors for safe keeping during Camp.  ***Fishing poles/tackle boxes, MUST be turned in to the Program Director on opening day for use during fishing activities.

Put all litter in trash cans to keep area clean.  Make sure all sharps are put into red sharps containers.

Line up by Activity Posts before meals until asked to enter the Dining Hall by the COD.

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