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(Name of CIT)

agree to follow the guidelines below to help me be a responsible and conscientious CIT.

Ř      I will follow ADA Camp Carefree Rules (posted in my cabin).

Ř      In addition, I will:

Stay in my cabin after lights out.

o       Not go into the counselors’ room or use the counselors’ shower.

o       Not touch anyone medically (ex:___________________________)

o       Not touch anyone inappropriately (ex:  punch, grab, or slap).

o       Follow directions from CIT Director, Asst. CIT Director, and other staff members.

Ř     I will be helpful to the counselors in the cabin, classes, and activities.

Ř      I will share my knowledge of diabetes.

Ř      I will be a positive role model for the campers at testing, meals, and activities.

Ř      I will participate enthusiastically in all camp activities.


Ř      I will demonstrate a willingness to learn.


Ř      I will demonstrate a willingness to be proactive and ask questions for clarification, as needed.


Ř      I will cooperate with the CIT Director, Asst. CIT Director,  counselors, and medical staff.


I understand that I must follow the above guidelines.  If I do not, there will be consequences and I may be sent home.



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CIT Director

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Assistant CIT Director

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