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Once in a camp a long time ago

It was my great fortune to get to know

A wise older gentleman whose knowledge was profound

Who said:  “If ever you find a penny on the ground

Gather it up and quietly put it in your left shoe;

Each time you do this it will bring good luck to you.”

So faithfully over the years I did as he said

But the pennies brought back camp memories instead

Of elusive luck which cannot be counted upon.

That’s when the light began to dawn.

Next time, take a good look at that penny as it goes into your shoe.

A heads down penny means someone somewhere is thinking of you;

A heads up penny means someone from camp has you in mind

Making that penny a treasure you did find.

How long does the penny stay in your shoe?

My wise friend never said—it must be up to you.

It’s amazing to note how many are the times

When pennies appear, not nickels or dimes.

Your friends think of you more than you know

But camp friends are more special—They help you grow!


This poem was written in 2004 and since then I have been enclosing a penny in each of my Christmas cards.  I do this not only because I am thinking of you, but also because it is my way of honoring a long-time tradition in my family.  Each Christmas when we go through our Christmas stockings the very last thing that we find (and of course the first thing that was put into the stocking) is a brand new shiny penny.  Although yours is in a card instead of a stocking, hopefully you will enjoy receiving it just the same!


Have a wonderful Carefree day!


Phyllis :-)

Camp Director

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