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CAMP SESSION:  Sunday, July 22 - Saturday, August 4, 2018


As of Saturday, May 12, 2018, we still have camper openings available!  Sign up now!

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The American Diabetes Association office has put this information together to help you find funding for your Camper’s tuition.  There are many ways that you can do this:


FIRST CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY TO SEE IF THEY WILL PAY A PART OF THE FEE.  Let them know this is an educational program. Include information from the brochure, which may describe for them the program in more detail.




As another resource, please check out the web-site They have one particular link to Therasense, who have, in the past, offered scholarships for kids to attend diabetes camp!  Check it out!  They have LOTS of money to share!  Also check the ADA website  They too may have information for you on places to get sponsorships for camp.



Fund Raising Activities:

Your entire family can be involved in a fund-raiser!  There are many possibilities we did not list below.  Be creative and positive about results; use your imagination and energy; be clear in what the funds will be used for.


Family Tag SaleClean-out your cellar, attic and storage closets.  Place signs on a well-traveled street.  Publicize the sale in the newspaper and put posters around town.  Don’t forget to check the town ordinances for license requirements.


Flea MarketsGet your friends and neighbors to join your tag sale.


Bake Sale Choose 2 or 3 items, cookies, biscuits, muffins, that you like to bake then let your friends and neighbors know you will be selling them on what day to raise money for your camp fee.  Set up a time they will be ready and a pick-up point or plan to deliver if in walking distance.


Gift Wrapping Check with your local mall or larger stores, they might let you set up a table for gift wrapping on special occasions such as before;  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas.  Be sure to practice so you will do a neat job.  Sometimes ‘Donations’ will bring in more money than if you set a price.


Car WashAsk a local service station, VFW or American Legion Post if they would help by letting you use their facility.  Have a “TOPLESS” car wash to attract attention -- don’t wash the tops of the cars!!


Talent Showyour child may want to ask her/his friends to help put together a neighborhood talent show and sell refreshments.


Can/Bottle DriveAsk your family, neighbors and friends to save the recyclable cans and bottles.  Tell them in advance that you are trying to earn money for your camp fee.  Collect the cans/bottles every week---the nickels add up very quickly!  You could also do it as a school project.  Call you child’s school principal and set up 2 or 3 days for bottle drives during the school year.


Winterthon The winterthon is a do-it-yourself fundraiser.  Each participant solicits pledges for miles completed while performing an activity (running, skiing, walking to school, etc) of their choosing.  It is a great family activity as well.



Fund Raising Recognition Award:

Please note that with creative uses of these ideas or your camper’s own original ideas, your camper can earn money towards camp!  One of the awards we give during camp is the Norton Award, which is given to the camper who demonstrates the initiative and ability to raise funds for their camp fee in a creative way.  Click the link and can read how some previous recipients of this award raised money for their camp fee!



Requesting Support from Organization:

Step 1. Selecting an organization.  You may want to contact some of the following:
bullet Your place of employment may be willing to offer scholarships for camp
bullet Church Groups,
bullet Lions Clubs,
bullet Kiwanis Clubs and Rotary Clubs,
bullet Masonic or Eastern Star Groups,
bullet Knights of Columbus,
bullet Women’s Clubs/Business and Professional Groups,
bullet Alumni Clubs,
bullet Trade and Labor Unions,
bullet and you probably know of many others in your town area.


Step 2. Contacting the Organizations.  Ask your family and friends if they know anyone in       the organizations you wish to contact.  Ask that person to present your request to the group.  Most organizations are more responsive to their own members.  It truly works!


Step 3. Follow Up

If you haven’t heard from the organization within 2-3 weeks, call or write to ask the status of your request.


If the organization will sponsor your daughter/son, give them a copy of the sponsorships form.  Ask them to fill it out and mail directly to our Camp Coordinator.   Send them a thank you and we will also thank them after we receive the campership for your daughter/son.



Answers to Questions That May be Asked About ADA Camp Carefree:

The camp fee for 2016 is $1250.00, plus $50 non-refundable application fee.

The camp is a non-profit, tax  exempt organization, federal tax ID # 13-1623888

About 120 Children attend each year.

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